Academic Council 2022 Material

Constitution of BOS in Ayurveda, 2022-23
Constitution of BOS in Physics, 2022-23
Notification of Multi Disciplinary Board of Studies
Appendix-A-1 (Communicative English)
Appendix-A-1( Library Committeee)
Appendix -A- 2(Costitute of Equilv. Committee)
Appendix-A-2(Project Paper)
Appendix -A- 3(Recommendation of Equilv. Committee)
Appendix -A- 4(Recommendation of Equilv. Committee)
Appendix -A- 5(LL.B Regulation)
Appendix A-6 Centre for Distance
Appendix A-7 Centre for Distance
Appendix A-8 Centre for Distance
AppendixA-9 Centre for Distance
Appendix A-10 UG Syllabus Revise Odia
AppendixA-11 Ethics & Values
Appendix A-12 Regulation & Syllabus M.Sc Nursing, B.Sc Nursing (Revise)
AppendixA-13 ENV Studies & Disaster Mamagement
AppendixA-14 AppendixA-14 EMERGENCY MEDICINE
Appendix A-15 Draft Regulations
Appendix A-16 SWAYAM
Appendix A-17 Modification in M.A. in Hindi Syllabus
Appendix A-18 Changes PCM in Nursing
Appendix A-19 Modification M.A. M.Sc Syllabus
Appendix A-20 Revised Syllabus in M.Sc in Food Sc
Appendix A-21 Revised Syllabus In M.Com
Appendix A-22 Revised Syllabus for M.P.A
Appendix A-23 Revised Syllabus M.A. Pol. Sc
Appendix A-24 Appendix A-24 Modification in M.A M.Phil Odia Syllabus
Appendix A-25 Modification in MBA Syllabus
Appendix A-26 Revised Syllabus for M.A. Psychology
Appendix A-27 Excluded the Oral in 1st B.A.M.S
Appendix A-28 Revised Syllabus for Zoology
Appendix A-29 criteria For Gold Medal
Appendix A-30 Revised Syllabus M.Sc Applied Geology
Appendix C-1 Sydnicate Member
Appendix -D-1(Executive MBA)
Appendix -D-1(Urgent Agenda)
Appendix-D-2(Certificate Course)
Appendix D-2-3 B.Tech Programme in SUIIT, S.U
Appendix D-4 M.Sc Course in Micro Biology
Appendix F-1 Panchyat College, Bargarh
Appendix-F-1(Zoology Nodal Centre)
Business Analytics
BBA-Apprentice_Syllabus Sambalpur-University
Draft Agenda
forwarding letter
syllabus bbs retail opration
syllabus mechtronics
Executive MBA Total Syllabus 22-23 PDF
Executive MBA Programme.
Cyber Security
Digital Marketing
Preparation of the Syllabus for P.G. for Education, Logic & Philosophy, Geography, Sanskrit and Physics
Preparation of the P.G syllabus and recommendation of paper setter/Moderator and Examiners for U.G & P.G. Examination.
Appointment of Member of BOS of Industrial Relation and Personal Management for the session 2022-23