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S.N.  Title Publish Date Expiry Date Download
1 Tender Num.: 2378/JE (Civil)
Provision for CR sheet windows & door in EG hall of ground floor
23-03-2017 30-03-2017 download
2 Tender Num.: 2375/JE (Civil)
Provision of water tank and repair of water supply line of Baitarani L.H.
23-03-2017 30-03-2017 download
3 Tender Num.: 2370/JE (Civil)
Provision for water supply system to island park to maintain lawn & garden
22-03-2017 30-03-2017 download
Quotation Call Notice For Publishing Seminar Proceeding in a Book Form
21-03-2017 26-03-2017 download
5 Tender Num.: No.2075/Maint
Quotation Call Notice For Supply of Tyres
11-03-2017 20-03-2017
6 Tender Num.: No.2075/Maint
Quotation Call Notice For Supply of Tyres
11-03-2017 20-03-2017
7 Tender Num.: No.2102(4)/JE(Civil)
Provision of CR Sheet windows & Door in EG Hall of Ground Floor
11-03-2017 20-03-2017 download
8 Tender Num.: No.2099/JE(Civil)
Provision of Water Tank and Repair of Water Supply Line of Baitarani Ladies Hostel
11-03-2017 20-03-2017 download
9 Tender Num.: No.
Quotation Call Notice For Printing of Saptarshi,2017
18-02-2017 15-03-2017 download
10 Tender Num.: No.1514/Maint
Quotation Call Notice For Providing Light & Heavy Vehicles Including Drivers to Sambalpur University
23-02-2017 20-03-2017 download
11 Tender Num.: 1398/Store
Expression of Interest For Providing Catering Service During Celebration Of Golden Jubilee,Sambalpur University
18-02-2017 25-02-2017 download
12 Tender Num.: 1389/Store
Short Quotation Call Notice For Supply of Branded T-Shirt with Printed Golden Jubilee Logo of the University
18-02-2017 25-02-2017 download
13 Tender Num.: 1060(4)/JE (Civil)
Construction of approach road to PDLH
08-02-2017 15-02-2017 download
14 Tender Num.: 1057(4)/JE (Civil)
Construction of approach road to Narmada LH
08-02-2017 15-02-2017 download
15 Tender Num.: 1024(4)/JE (Civil)
E.I. to MSW Building, Sambalpur University
07-02-2017 23-02-2017 download
16 Tender Num.: 968(4)/JE (Civil)
Repairing of Water Supply of Narmada LH
06-02-2017 13-02-2017 download
17 Tender Num.: No.698/JE(Civil)
Provision of Grill Work For Security Reason in SUIIT Hostel Building
25-01-2017 04-02-2017 download
18 Tender Num.: No.598/Maint
Supply and Installation of Panel Board to MPhil Boys Hostel,Sambalpur University
21-01-2017 28-01-2017 download
19 Tender Num.: No.653(4)/JE(Civil)
Provision of Brick Wall For Security Reason in SUIIT Hostel Building
24-01-2017 30-01-2017 download
20 Tender Num.: No.656(4)
Repair of Qr No F/2 and F/62
24-01-2017 30-01-2017 download
21 Tender Num.: No.446/JE(Civil)
Renovation of Students Union Office,Sambalpur University
16-01-2017 24-01-2017 download
22 Tender Num.: No.443/JE(Civil)
Provision of Ladies & Gents Toilet in MSW Building,Sambalpur University
16-01-2017 24-01-2017 download
23 Tender Num.: No.59/JE(Civil)
Quotation Call For Water Proffing Treatment to the roof of PG Council Office
05-01-2017 12-01-2017 download
24 Tender Num.: No.169/e-Gov
Quotation Call Notice-Restoraton of OFC Cable of e-Governance Network in Ladies Hostel Area
19-12-2017 04-01-2017 download
25 Tender Num.: No.435/PGCH
Quotation Call Notice For Supply of Chemicals For ECR-SERB Projects,Dept Of Chemistry
19-12-2016 07-01-2017 download
26 Tender Num.: No.9598/JE(Civil)
Short Tender Call Notice For Construction of approach Road to new Lecturer Hall
16-12-2016 22-12-2016 download
27 Tender Num.: 05526/SC
Short Quotation for supply of Gymnasium Equipments
08-12-2016 15-12-2016 download
28 Tender Num.: No.05525/Sports Council
Short Quotation Call Notice for Supply of Gymnasium Equipments,Sambalpur University
07-12-2016 14-12-2016 download
29 Tender Num.: 9153(4)/Maint
Short Quotation for supply & Installation of Panel Board to M. Phil. Boys Hostel, Sambalpur University
03-12-2016 15-12-2016 download
30 Tender Num.: 9150(4)/Maint
Short Quotation for supply & fixing of ceiling lights of surface type and tube lights in Extension Hall & Verandah of A.B., Sambalpur University
03-12-2016 15-12-2016 download
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