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Academic Staff College
Name & Address of ASC : UGC - Academic Staff College

Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Sambalpur, Odisha -768019
Tel :  0663-2432137 , 0663-2432781
Fax :  0663-2432137,  0663-2430158 
E-mail : 
Web site :

Year of Establishment: November, 2000

India is experiencing a paradigm shift in the role of higher education in national development, particularly in capacity building in the areas of research, creativity, development of critical technologies, entrepreneurship, ICT, science & technology and moral leadership. For this higher education system requires trained teachers who are knowledgeable, creative, inspiring, good researchers, IT savvy, effective managers, and role models. The need for effective and professionally qualified teachers is increasing due to significant developments taking place in higher education system such as setting up of more Central Universities, proposal to establish World Class Universities and Model Colleges, expansion and globalization of higher education. For making higher education institutions active hubs of academic activity, the UGC- Academic Staff Colleges have to envisage their new role, multidimensional and integrative in the higher education system. Hence, professional development Programs for teachers will have to be reinvented and reengineered. 

Keeping this in mind UGC has granted establishment of Academic Staff College (ASC) in Sambalpur University and based on this approval, this ASC has started functioning from November 2000. Organizations of Refresher Courses, Orientation Programmes and other short term courses has become the primary functions of this ASC besides other innovative academic activities such as E-education and development of E-content, IT/Computer training, work shop for academic administrators etc. The ASC of Sambalpur University is discharging its duty since its establishment helping the college and university teachers in updating their knowledge in various subjects through organizing RC, OP, workshop and training programm. Though the ASC is still in its infancy compared to other ASCs established much earlier, with the co-operation and guidance of the Authority of Sambalpur University, it is growing very fast and this ASC has become one of the praiseworthy ASC of the country. Being fully residential in nature, all out-stationed participants stay in the ASC-Hostel with full boarding facility which is unique for this ASC. .

Present staff as approved by UGC:

A. Faculties :

Name Designation
Prof. P.K. Tripathy Director
Dr. Bulu Maharana Deputy Director (Addl. Charge)
Vacant - Lecturer

B. Supporting Staff:

Name Designation
Sri Malaya Nag  Section Officer
Sri Prafulla Kumar Sahoo Sr. Asst.
Sri Pitambar Karali Steno
Sri Narasingha Pradhan Computer Assistant
  Library Technician(vacant)

Application form (Click here to download) for participation in the RC and OP can be down loaded for use.



                                                                       A. ORIENTATION PROGRAMME:

Sl. No. Programme Date Eligibility discipline
1 30th Orientation Programme 01.07.2014 to 28.07.2014 All subject
2 31th Orientation Programme 29.01.2015 to 25.02.2015 All subject
3 32nd  Orientation Programme 07.03.2015 to 04.04.2015 All subject

                                                                          B. REFRESHER COURSES:

Sl. No. Programme Date Eligibility discipline
01 Chemistry 03.07.2014 to 23.07.2014 Chemistry
02 Sociology(MD) 03.07.2014 to 23.07.2014 Sociology,Anthropology,Home Science,Psychology,Social Work,Philosophy,Geography
03 History 31.07.2014 to 20.08.2014 History
04 Statistics 22.08.2014 to 11.09.2014 Statistics
05 Odia 22.08.2014 to 11.09.2014 Odia
06 Environmental Science 10.10.2014 to 31.10.2014 Environmental Science
07 Life Science(MD) 10.10.2014 to 31.10.2014 Botany,Biotech,Zoology,Life Science
08 Economics 01.11.2014 to 21.11.2014 Economics Only
09 English 24.11.2014 to 14.12.2014 English
10 Mathematics(MD) 16.12.2014 to 05.01.2015 Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science,Physics and Engineering
11 Physics(MD) 07.01.2015 to 27.01.2015 Physics
12 ICT(ID) 07.01.2015 to 27.01.2015 Computer Science,Math,Physics,Library Science
13 Management 29.01.2015 to 18.02.2015 Management,Commerce,Economics,PMIR
14 Political Science 20.02.2015 to 12.03.2015 Political Science
15 Education 14.03.2015 to 03.04.2015 Education


                                             C. SPACIAL WINTER/SUMMER SCHOOLS

Sl. No. Programme Date Eligibility
01 Winter Course on "Future of Humanities" 09.12.2014 to 29.12.2014 Hindi,Odia,English,Sanskrit
02 Summer Course on "Scientiphic Instrumentation" 25.04.2015 to 15.05.2015 Life Science,Chemistry,Environmental Science,Physics


                                             D. SHORT TERM COURSES

Sl. No. Programme Date Eligibility
01 e-Commerce 13.07.2014 to 02.08.2014 College and University Teachers
02 Use of Statistical Methods in Research Projects 28.11.2014 to 02.12.2014 College and University Teachers and Registered Research Scholars
03 e-Waste and Plastic Waste Management 10.11.2014 to 14.11.2014 College and University Teachers 
04 e-Learning 10.03.2015 to 14.03.2015 College and University Teachers and Registered Research Scholars

                                                                               E. OTHER PROGRAMME:

Sl. No. Programme Date Eligibility
01 Interaction Programme Ph. D. Scholars 16.08.2014 to 15.09.2014 Only Ph. D. Scholars(Regd)
02 Disaster Management 20.02.2015 to 12.03.2015 College/ University Teachers
02 Academic Administrator Workshop 2-6 Days College/ University Teachers
02 Prinicipal's Meet 1st August 2014 One Day Only Principal

The Scheduled Dates may be changed.

Note :

          The interested candidates are advised to apply at the earliest with necessary fees to secure the admission. The last date for receiving dully filled application form for each programme will be 15 days in advance prior to commencement of the programme.

                                                                                                                                                                                               (Prof. (Mrs.) P. Gahan)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Director, ASC

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