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Application for issue of migration certificate 08.05.2024 View
Application for issue of Duplicate Registration Receipt 08.05.2024 View
Application Form for Obtaining Photocopy of Valued Answer Scripts 11.03.2024 View
Bank Challan Form-Teaching Post 26.02.2024 View
CAS Form-Part A 26.02.2024 View
Notification for CAS-2024 26.02.2024 View
Part-B 26.02.2024 View
Part-C (Table-I and declarations) 26.02.2024 View
Income tax declaration form F.Y.2023-24 (A.Y. 2024-2025) 18.01.2024 View
ACR FORM 18.09.2023 View
Family Pension Form 01.10.2022 View
Pension Form 01.10.2022 View
Convocation form 14.04.2022 View
CAS-Part-C-(Table-I-and-declarations) 17.02.2022 View
Corrigendum for CAS-2022 17.02.2022 View
Advertisement for CAS Promotion 01.02.2022 View
Syndicate Agenda format 17.11.2021 View
Notice for Recruitment to the post of Director 03.06.2021 View
Application form for admission to Bachelor of Education Examination 26.02.2020 View
Application form for admission to LLB University Examination 26.02.2020 View
Proforma of Career Report(Only for Gold Medal Awardees) 10.02.2020 View
Application Form For Issue of Diploma/Certificate 10.02.2020 View
PART-B: Selection-Cum Coaching Camp forms 16.08.2019 View
PART-C: Inter University(E-Z/I-Z/A/All India) 16.08.2019 View
PART-A : Inter College Sports Forms 16.08.2019 View
World Bank Funded OHEPEE Application Form for Refresher Course & Orientation Programme 12.02.2019 View
IT Declaration form 15.01.2019 View
Form-A 18.09.2017 View
Form-B 18.09.2017 View
Form-C 18.09.2017 View
Form-D 18.09.2017 View
Admit Card of the Candidates and CNR 18.09.2017 View
APPENDIX-A 18.09.2017 View
Correction of Name 18.09.2017 View
Memo Form( Statement ofDetail of the Contents of the packet of Answer Books) 18.09.2017 View
Notification For withdrawal Result(EC-IV) 18.09.2017 View
Addendum (EC-IV) 18.09.2017 View
Corrigendum (EC-IV) 18.09.2017 View
Bills For Paper Setters etc 18.09.2017 View
Form For Payment of Advances 18.09.2017 View
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Revised Admission Notice B.A.L.L.B.(H),LR Law College,Sambalpur 31.07.2015 View
Admission Notice-2015-2016  Of L R Law College,Sambalpur 27.05.2015 View
Prospectus of 2015-2016 For LR  Law College,Sambalpur 11.07.2015 View 
Admission Form-2015-2016 For L R Law College,Sambalpur 11.07.2015 View
Forms Date View
Declaration Form For Employees Providend Form Scheme,1952(New Form No-11) 14.03.2017 View
Application Form For Issue of Diploma/Original Certificate/Duplicate Certificate 14.03.2017 View
Application Form For Date of Publication Of Result 14.03.2017 View
Declaration Form For Salary Income For Retired Emplyees Of Sambalpur University 21.01.2016 View
Life Certificate Form For Retired Persons,Sambalpur University 18.11.2015 View
Centre Expenses Bill Form 10.04.2015 View
Form For Registration as Graduate 20.04.2013 View
Application For Marksheet 21.02.2015 View
Application For Provisional Certificate 22/01/2013 View
Application For College Transfer 22/01/2013 View
Form for Checking the Addition Marks in Answer Papers 22.09.2015 View
Form for obtaining Photo Copy of Valued Answer Scripts 27/12/2012 View