Academic Council 2021 Material

Ac- Urgent Agenda
AC- Compiled Agenda
AC-Order of Business
c-4- Urgent Additional Agenda
Appendix-A-1 Revised Regulations & Syllabus for MBBS from Academic Session 2019-20
Appendix-A-2 Revised Syllabus for Computer Sc. effective from 2021-21
Appendix-A-3 Revised Syllabus MSc Geology effective from 2018-19, MSc Applied Geology eff, from 2020-21
Appendix-A-4 Implementation of UGC's irecton addition o compulsury course "Research & publication Ethics(RPE) in M.Phil & Ph.D. eff. from January 2021
Appendix-A-5 Syllabus B.Sc. (Nursing) eff. from 2019-20
Appendix-C-01 Proceeding of the meeting Regulation Amending held on 04.02.2021
Appendix-C-02 Draft equivalence committee list
Appendix-E-c-2-a Revised Syllabus LLM one Paper may be read on two paper "Human Right & intr. Law"
Appendix-C-03 Modification PCM format MA/MSc. in Home Sc.
Appendix-C-4 Syllabus for MBA(FM) Course
Appendix-E-a Syllabus for M.Com for session 2021-22
Appendix-E-b Modiication in MA Hindi
Appendix E-c-1 Regulation and Syllabus for new Course P.G. Diploma in labour Law
Appendix-E-c-2-a Addition of one special paper in labour law
Appendix-E-c-2-b Addition of one special paper in labour law
Appendix-E-d-1 Regulation M.Sc. Nursing eff. from 2020-21
Appendix-E-d-2 & E-d-3 Request Latter for grant of University NOC for Ph.D. Nursing from Rourkela Senior Nurding College Sundargarh
Appendix-E-d-4 Request letter to issue additional mark for 1st 4th year BVSc. Nursing
Appendix-E-e-1 Syllabus MSc. Zoology eff. from 2021-22
Appendix-E-f-1 Course structure MA Political Sc. session 2021
Appendix-E-h-1 Course MA Odia ORC-423
Appendix-E-h-2 Course MA Odia Paper 512 M.Phil
Appendix-E-i-1 Syllabus MPA(Dance & Drama)
Appendix-E-k-1 HR-308 Human Resourse Development:Strategies & System
Appendix E-l-1 & E-l-2 Revised Syllabus MA Psycology
Appendix- E-m-1 Sugeestion of Sri S C Choudhry Reader in Physics
Appendix-E-n- 1 and 2 UG Regulation
Appendix-E-p-1 Core Course 7: Personal Finance and Consumer Studies
Appendix-E-p-2 Syllabus MA/M.Sc. Home Sc. eff. from 2020-22(Human development & Family Studies)
Appendix-E-p-3 Syllabus MA/MSc. Home Sc. (Food & Nutrition) eff. from 2020-22
Appendix-E-q-1 Syllabus MSc. Food Sc. eff. from 2021
Appendix-E-q-2 Syllabus MSc. Food Sc. & Nutrition 2021
Appendix-E-q-3 Syllabus.Tech. in food Sc & Technology eff. from 2021
Appendix-E-r-3 Proceedings of the meeting 2years Master in Library & information sc. (One year BLISC + one year MLISc)